To produce high quality Architectural or Engineering outcome, one needs to interview many and finally hire experienced architect(s) and engineer(s) which, in financial terms, means high salaries and much more direct and indirect expenses.
Imagine what would happen when the projects are over and therefore there is a financial gap  without any income Yet you should continue your compensation.
But with access to a reliable outsourcing body, your overhead expenses will be dramatically reduced. This means you will pay whenever you have another project. As far as your key human resource is concerned, there is an expense only when there is an income.


You hire a certain number of professional staff based on your average annual workload neither according to the peak nor to of its rock-bottom. Therefore, during the peak of your workload, you will encounter difficulties in order to deliver the projects within a normal schedule or even worse, you might miss the deadlines.
On top of all these, during the peak, a great deal of your energy will be directed towards time management making sure that everyone is working and delivering according to the schedule.
Outsourcing will provide you with a scalable number of staff. In other words, if one project can be delivered in a matter of a week, 3 projects of similar size can also be delivered in the same period.
It also helps you to avoid over-times and other incentives to keep up your hired staff's motivation.



High Quality will only be achieved through highly trained professionals and everybody in the field knows the challenges of finding, hiring, maintaining and motivating the professionals. A professional staff expects a relatively high salary and in order for him or her to grow, an acceptable and diverse range of projects with a variety of professional challenge. It doesn't make sense for one to hire a full time professional unless he or she is able to feed that professional staff with a continuous flow of workload on a regular manner. Therefore, the times that your company is running with a low workload, the presence of your professionals is rather an obstacle to be dealt with.
Instead, your outsourcing partner, will distribute the workload among many professionals who are available at that certain time and enables you to be free of/ less dependent on the presence of full time professionals. This way, you have professionals at your service only when you need them and therefore your quality is always secured.


It's very simple! Because we've been in your shoes! We've been there.
At the end of each and every project, during the phase of hand-over and while looking at our updated "Check-List"s as well as "Not-To-Do-List"s we always wish to implement what we've learnt from this last project in the next one.
Our "Not-To-Do"s get richer and standard "Check-List"s improve. Every point on these lists come from a challenge, few days of tough time, overnight works and sometimes even embarrassments.
Being in the position of Client Representative in numerous Turn-Key projects has set a certain level of expectations as far as the design outcomes are concerned. We've always been faced with lack of accuracy and sometimes even lack of understanding between clients, design consultants and the contractors. Another valuable thing we learnt was that sometimes even the client's expectation is different from what he or she really needs.
Therefore, you don't need to waste your time trying to make us understood. All we seek is to see you lean back and receive what you need.