To become a reliable partner in the domain of architecture and engineering who provides variety of outsource services globally. 
Mastering international codes and standards and enhancing effective communication are the pillars on which we built a strong partnership with our client.


  Department of Project Management  & Structure

Graduated as Civil Engineer, Veria has over a dozen years of experience in the construction industry, implementing various types of building projects mostly throughout the UAE.

His positions have ranged from Consultant Resident Engineer to CEO of a Project development and Management Company.

Veria's experience in a wide variety of projects has deeply involved him in the day-to-day activities of construction sites and his years of experience in various consultant and client representative roles provide him with a comprehensive understanding of what the client needs. He possesses the unique understating of how the project should unfold from the perspective of the client and consultant.

Simply put, he's been on the other side of the drawing board. His winning formula has always been his skill in establishing a very clear and effective communication channel between all involved parties through which all the problems are solved in a very fluent manner. For him, communication is the key.

He carries a black belt in Kung Fu (known as Wushu) and he is very much into adventurous off-road trips.


Graduated as Interior Designer from American University in Dubai (AUD), Maryam has over a decade of experience in the field.

Studying and living in Dubai, such a diverse cosmopolitan has benefitted her to come into direct contact with a variety of projects ranging from residential buildings to retail units as well as hotels.

Out of all the skills required to address each and every aspect of an interior identity and ambiance of a space, she mostly enjoys to set the harmony and create a fluent communication between the key elements. That is how one can bring comfort, sense of security and joy into a functioning space.

Her main focus is always to maintain the simplicity believing that it is the harmony between few but consciously chosen effective elements that sets the required ambiance.


In line with her interest in arts, she is a guitar player and a researcher working on Masnavi, poems of the famous Rumi.

Department of Interior Design 

Graduated as Mechanical Engineer, Babak has about 2 decades of experience in design and construction of various types of mechanical service systems in various types of buildings.

His positions have ranged from Consultancy (design and supervision) to MEP installation manager and technical manager in a varieties of buildings (i.e. Luxury Villas, Penthouses, commercial buildings, retail units, factories and etc.).
Further, years of being in the field has enabled him to acquire the skill of team build-up, prepare both detailed design/ shop drawings based on architectural design, cost analysis and installation measures. To him, the challenge of the MEP design is to always maintain a balance between architectural requirements, workability, simplicity and cost that is what in each and every project, he is excited about.
Cut the long story short, he is the Jack of MEP systems with an exclusive experience and a quite engineering view. Hiking is what he loves the most among all his other hobbies.


Department of MEP  ( Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) 

Department of Architecture  

Carrying a degree of Master of Arts in Architecture, Sima has over 14 years of experience in the domain of Architecture. Her experience includes a wide variety of residential and commercial projects among which restoration of monuments and designing high-rise buildings are the staring ones.

​​​​​​​Architecture is more of an adventure to her where new challenges always empower her to render the most exotic requirements of the projects with a great deal of energy and excitement.  She has a unique ability to organize the design not only to address the expectations of the clients but also to furnish their requirements too, that is always achieved through her clear communication with the clients.
Sima concerns a lot about environment to the extent that she dedicated her master final course to methods of implementing green design in architecture. As far as the computer aided design software is concerned, Sima is the Alpha Geek of the team! Further, she is very much into environmental activates, mountain trekking and charity.