Full Design Package (including Architecture, Interior and MEP) for a High-End Supermarket with 3 branches in the UAE

The client was a luxurious high-end supermarket in the UAE. 
The challenge was to merge 4 separate shell & core retail units to make one branch. 
As far as the architectural design was concerned, a proper pass way had to be designed in order to help the customers walk through all over the shop in one go. The shelves had to be laid out according to the priorities as well as their interactional rules (i.e. some items shouldn’t be placed next to one another). 
In the ground of Interior design, the branding to start with, was the key element which delivers the look and feel of the company at the first glance. Therefore, the brand colors were consciously chosen and were implemented in all the visual elements of the interior such as logo, signboards, internal signage, walls, floors and even the shelves. 
The retail units were of a completed and functioning mid-rise building and the MEP infrastructure had to be re-organized completely while we couldn’t touch the main design of the building. For example, we couldn’t have asked for more chilled water flow or more electricity load than what was dedicated already. 
We negotiated with many different suppliers and compared their capacities and technologies to find the best solutions. 
The distribution of the FCU.s, Lights and etc. were revised and finally with some major changes we succeeded to deliver a very comfortable MEP system to the extend that it could maintain the ambiance temperature as low as 16 degrees in the pick of summer in UAE.

Furnishing Design, Procurement and Supervision for an Apartment in the UAE 

It was a vacation apartment for a young couple.  
The first challenge was that the clients were confused among a variety of concepts for the interior design of their flat. Space limits and budget restrictions were also there.  
We started the work with providing 3 diverse concepts and through some sessions of clarification, we managed to narrow it down to what it is. An ambiance based on wood in its natural forms.

3D Visualization
The design credit goes to
Polis Architecture Front

We were in charge of producing high quality rendered images out of SketchUp model. We made it by 3DsMax software with VRay engine. Furthermore, we did the post production job in Photoshop in order to give more realistic feel of the space.

Outsource Mastermind helped a mechanical company with BIM modeling

The Client

The company is Focused on mechanical development and provides engineering drawing , as built models through Revit software

Requirement and challenges
The client wanted to convert architectural AutoCAD drawings to an informative and high quality precision BIM model for a
10 floor residential building. The challenges involved an inadequate level of detailing of the files and ofcourse when we super impose the different layouts we found
out they miss match

Our Solution
Our BIM experts analyzed the project and prepared a conceptual model considering client's feedback. Their inputs were listed an utilized to improve the precision of the model

3drender service to a professional  Landscape design company in UAE
The design credit goes to: 

The Client 
based on Dubai , UAE the client is a wellknown architectural firm delivering landscape design ranging from small villas to massive volume projects

Requirement and challenges
she had her unique ideas but difficulty in providing
d renders to present her work to her clients

Our Solution
Our team produced 3d model with Revit software through several question and answer sessions with the company and
finalized renders in high quality