​​​​​​​Outsource Mastermind provided 3d
render services to a  company in UAE

The Client 

based on Dubai , UAE the client is a wellknown architectural firm delivering landscape design ranging from small villas to massive volume projects

Requirement and challenges
she had her unique ideas but difficulty in providing
d renders to present her work to her clients

  Our Solution
Our team produced 3d model with Revit software through several question and answer sessions with the company and
finalized renders in high quality

Outsource Mastermind helped a mechanical company with BIM modeling

The Client

 The company is Focused on mechanical development and provides engineering drawing , as built models through Revit software

Requirement and challenges
The client wanted to convert architectural AutoCAD drawings to an informative and high quality precision BIM model for a
10 floor residential building. The challenges involved an inadequate level of detailing of the files and ofcourse when we super impose the different layouts we found
out they miss match

Our Solution
Our BIM experts analyzed the project and prepared a conceptual model considering client's feedback. Their inputs were listed an utilized to improve the precision of the model

Outsource Mastermind produced full interior design for a Supermarket in UAE

The Client

Managing several companies at a time, made client to outsource some scope of their works. Therefore they chose us to completely design the whole interior of an existing shell an core store to an uniqe supermarket in Sharjah, UAE

Requirement and challenges
The main challenge of design was the shape of the store which was narrow in width and long in length. Secondly, there were two stores near to eachother with the building entrance in between, so we should design in a way that showes these two stores are not separated.

Our Solution
In order to solve the circulation problem due to the shape of store, our team came up with the idea of having two different doors for entrance and exit which were implimented aside from eachother in separate sides of the plan. In other words, customers would enter from South side, walk through shelves and would face cashier stands and exit door in North side
For second issue, we made the signboard of supermarket like a ribbon all along the supermarket and building entrance to unify the stores